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Need Plumbing for your Washing Machine in Craley, Pennsylvania? Whether your washing machine is broken or just a little off, we at Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC can fix it. We have been offering excellent and affordable services for over 8 years, so give us a call any time of the day at (717) 220-5487 to learn why people trust us for Craley, Pennsylvania washing machine repair!


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Washing Machine plumbing in Craley, PA by Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC.Call the Craley, PA Washing Machine Plumbing Experts at Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC!

In our busy Craley lives, many of us have come to think of having clean clothes as a right and not a privilege. For this reason, we don’t think anyone should have to go without a washing machine. If your Craley washing machine is backed up and flooding your laundry room, your drain pipe may be backed up. Is it late at night, but you need to get your laundry done by tomorrow? Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC will unclog the pipes on any washing machine in Craley, day or night.


Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC Completes a Job Well Done

Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC is dedicated to getting the job done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. If a plumber is in a hurry while working on your Craley washing machine, they may end up installing the pipe incorrectly. This causes your washer to go on longer than it should, wasting tons of water without ever washing your clothes properly. At Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC, our knowledge and expertise mean that we’re familiar with every type of washing machine problem, and we know how to fix them as soon as possible.


Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC Offers Excellent Washing Machine Service in Craley!

Other Craley plumbers may work for large companies that truck them all over the state on different jobs. These people may not be from Craley, so they’re not invested in our community. This is why they don’t provide the level of service you can expect from Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC, where we understand that it’s not just about fixing washing machines in Craley. It’s about being a trusted partner to our fellow Craley citizens.

Ever since 2013, the people of Craley have trusted Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services LLC with their washing machine plumbing systems. Give us a call at (717) 220-5487 so we can get started on your washing machine!

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  • 5★★★★★ - "I could not be more pleased with the service I received. I had a backup in my sewer line and initially went with one of the large nationally-known companies. Based on where they told me the clog was, it would have cost $1500 - $2000 or more to fix.
    I contacted Drain King just to schedule an appointment to get a second opinion. They told me they could come out that same day and take a look. After looking things over, they showed me the evidence that the clog wasn't where the other guys said it was. They quoted me a reasonable price for clearing the clog, and I figured it was worth a shot.
    It took a long time, in bitterly cold temps, but they worked at it until they had my drain cleared, and it cost me about 1/10th what the other guys would have cost. Again, I could not be happier with these guys!
    I read a review someone had posted saying they were told it would cost more if they paid with a credit card, and I had the same experience, but it was only a 3% processing charge (an extra $6.60 on a $220 bill for me). It wasn't a big deal, and this sort of thing is not uncommon.

    in East York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Called after 10 pm and left a message figuring someone would get back to me the next day. They called me about 10 minutes later, gave me a time they would be out the next morning. When they were running late from their previous job, they called to update me and I appreciated that. Bottom line, the clog was cleared in about 20-30 minutes. Would call them again. Thank you, Mike!"

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had several installation and repair issues. I called in, got an estimate and appointment the next day. The work was done quickly, professionally, and personably. He did all the work while explaining what he was doing while I watched. I wanted to know how to do things for my own knowledge. Everything went well until the end. There was a water spill, but he quickly resolved the problem, apologized profusely, and made sure I was satisfied with ALL the work done. Very happy and satisfied with the professional and personal way the work was done. I will definitely call them again with any needed plumbing work. 5 stars for sure!

    in Summerdale, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We started getting sewage in our basement on a Sunday afternoon. We called Drain King and had courteous, prompt and complete service. I highly recommend this company and their fees were reasonable. I would call them again if I needed help with a plumbing issue. They even cleaned mud out of our air vent."

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "The guys are old fashion in a great way. They are courteous and professional. Their equipment is not state of the art, but they got the job done. They constantly were communicating on the status of their job and made sure to inform on preventative measures."

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Came right out late in the evening to fix our plumbing problem. Extremely professional and at the same time very easy to talk to. I would recommend this company to anyone, also very reasonable with their prices."

    , Plumbing in Columbia, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "They are so reliable and great to work with! Will never go anywhere else!"

    , Plumbing in West York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "They came out right away for a last minute job on a holiday weekend in the evening. I had done a search to estimate the cost and figured it would be on the high end due to the timing. It was much less than what I had expected. The people that came were very nice and solved the issue quickly, showing off their experience. I will definitely use this company for any future plumbing needs."

    , Toilet Repair in Dallastown, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Amazing company! We had problems at 9:30 at night and they arrived within a half an hour! Nice group of guys!! Great pricing!!"

    , Plumbing in Marietta, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "These guys are great! Very responsive. (They will actually call you back!) And their service really is top shelf. You always know what you're getting into in terms of the work to be performed and the price. And (they probably don't want me to put this in here) when they came out two weeks ago to fix a problem, it only stayed fixed for those two weeks, thru no fault of their own. They came back today (after I only called them this morning) and fixed it again...at no charge. These are the guys! Call them now."

    , Plumbing in Middletown, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I own a floor company and when I started a new job I found the previous plumber did a unacceptable job. There were pipes in the wrong places in the bathroom that needed to be moved and were not up to code. They left a leaking pipe in the kitchen wall and their only suggestion was to tear out the cabinets and granite to fix it. I asked around an got several referrals for Drain King. Not only did they not have to rip out perfectly good cabinets to fix the leaking pipe, he made an access panel inside a cabinet out of view for any future maintenance or upgrades to the pipes. He also moved the pipes in the bathroom quickly and correctly and made it possible for me and my crew to install the floor stone, the shower tile and back splashes and stay on schedule. This saved me time and the homeowner lots of money and heartache. Drain King is now my go to plumber for all my projects and I will continue to let people know if they want a good problem solving and affordable plumber they need Mike and his crew. Great job guys!!"

    , Plumbing in Elizabethville, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We called around 3:30pm. They were on another job, but told us they would come to us when they were finished. Got here about 2 hrs later (called to let us know they were on their way). They were both very friendly, professional, informative AND to top off, very reasonable! We will absolutely use them again if we need a plumber!"

    , Plumbing in Middletown, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I called Drain King late at night and he came first thing in the morning to come fix our problem. Has been very honest from the start and Mike and Brandon are so nice and fast pace. Def will recommend and will call them in the future if ever needed."

    , Emergency Service in Elizabethtown, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I called Drain King and within the same day they arrived and fixed our clog issue. We had a clogged septic drain in our basement. The men were wonderful and had great expertise and personalities! Would highly recommend them to anyone!"

    , Clogged Drain in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We had a recurring drainage problem involving two bathrooms that never seemed to go away. Finally, we had Drain King come and it was fixed! :) The procedures were clearly explained using cell phone photos so that we could easily understand the process. Thanks so much!!!"

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I called Drain King late at night and he came first thing in the morning to come to fix our problem. Has been very honest from the start and Mike and Brandon are so nice and definitely will recommend and will call."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Called Drain King about noon and they came and fixed the clogged drain and advise of what I need to do to avoid future clogging. Very honest and reliable workers Mike and Brandon. I'll recommend them for any plumbing work."

  • 5★★★★★ - "I called them on a Thursday morning and they were here within an hour and working on the clogged pipe and had it all cleaned out promptly. Very courteous and friendly!!"

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Drain Kings technicians came over to my house within a few minutes after my emergency call. They knew how to fix my well pump efficiently and cost effective. Best plumber's in town hands down!"

    in Aberdeen, MD

  • 5★★★★★ - "Mike came out within two hours of calling to unclog a drain pipe that was backing up. It was after 8:00 p.m. on a Saturday night and pouring rain. He went above and beyond, working in the mud and rain to get to the clogged drain. He was professional, kind, and so accommodating. He was more than fair with the amount he charged for his work. I would recommend without hesitation! 5++ stars!!"

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "The owner came out on a Sunday about 2 hours after I called due to a basement drain backing up. He was very informative and did not waste any time. He fixed the problem, and when he presented the bill, I was pleasantly surprised at what he charged as I never asked for a quote beforehand and didn't know how much to expect it to cost.
    I will use Drain King whenever I need a plumber and I will recommend him to everyone because I think he did a fantastic job at an affordable price and he did it on short notice on a Sunday!

    in Mount Wolf, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "They were very quick and efficient. And had knowledge of what they were doing which is very important (some places have kids hired that only know standard procedure so when something is out of the ordinary they don't have that expertise). These guys did have it and did a great job :-)"

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Had a clogged drain, fit us in his busy schedule. He did a great job going above & beyond and explained everything he did & why . Highly recommend."

    , Clogged Drain

  • 5★★★★★ - "The Drain King has now rescued me from TWO plumbing emergencies in my 100+ year-old row home. Mike & his partner were quick to respond, friendly and professional. He went out of his way to prevent further mess or water damage, explained things in easy-to-understand terms, resolved the issue quickly and thoroughly, and tested his work— all for a fair price. I love my home but have lost all faith in its plumbing. I’m keeping Mike on speed dial."

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Came to my house about 4 or 5 hours after speaking to me on the phone. He fit me into a very tight and busy schedule and was very competitively priced. They cleared a drain blockage about 20'ft down the pipe under my foundation very quickly, and were here for about 30 minutes conducting several tests to ensure the quality of their work long after the blockage was cleared. 10/10 will use again if needed."

    in West York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Did excellent work at a very fair price. Would definitely use again!"

    in Harrisburg, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Mike and his crew are amazing! I had a plumbing issue in the evening on the weekend and they were there within the hour. They fixed the problem, were neat and courteous and the final bill was much less then I expected. I wish I could give them more then 5 stars and recommend then for plumbing repairs and improvement whole heartedly! I have them on speed dial for any future plumbing issues and for some improvements I have been wanting to do. Thanks guys!"

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "great"

    , Plumbing

  • 4★★★★☆ - "Mike and his team has been doing a good job for Capital Rental Services' properties since 2013. They are always there to help you."

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We had a clogged pipe that was flooding the basement and we called Drain King Plumbing. They were there within 30 minutes and had the problem fixed within another 30 minutes! Super, professional and quick! Will definitely use them again if needed!"

    in West York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Called drain king for clogged pipe in basement, came out in 40 mins and had it fixed. Awesome guy that came out - thank you. Will use them as my plumber"

    in York, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We had a leak under the sink and didn't know where it was originating from. I called two plumbers in the morning, and they couldn't "get there today." I called Drain King and they were here by noon to assess the job. By the end of the day we had a new faucet installed, Boom!
    I highly recommend Drain King..

  • 5 ★★★★★ - "I needed a power vent natural gas water heater replaced in Palmyra Pa. Drain King (Brian Green 717-448--3716)was recommended . Not an emergency but I got same day reasonable estimate. He and his helper very satisfactory completed the job the next morning! (He provided all materials including the water heater I RECOMEND THAT RATHER THAN BUYING YOUR OWN) EXCELENT WORK AT AGREED ON ESTIMATE A TRUE PROFESSIONAL ! Thanks Brian!"

    in Palmyra, PA

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